Knife Grinding


Jorson & Carlson facility located in Elk Grove Village, IL.

With the most advanced technology for grinding industrial knives, The GrindTech Edge Technology, Jorson & Carlson is rapidly becoming the first choice for grinding needs in the US. Jorson & Carlson.

GrindTech Edge is the most precise method of achieving the highest quality of sharpness. Knives and blades are ground and honed with micro abrasives on custom machines built and modified by Jorson & Carlson to achieve the ultimate burr-free and consistent cutting edge on the market today.

  • GrindTech Edge Benefits

    Most precise method in achieving optimum sharpness & smoothness
    Grinds, deburrs and polishes on one piece of equipment
    Ultimately produces a Smoother surface finish
    Less friction cutting through paper fibers
    Less dust and lint
    Paper trimmers can cut higher lifts of paper with Less Draw
    Sheeter knives will set and seat easier
    Slitter knives will cut cleaner with less side pressure
    Less down time changing knives because knives will last longer
    Reduction of knife purchases
    Maintains the desired cut for a longer period of time
    Produces a Superior quality sheet of paper