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Jorson & Carlson, an industrial knife sharpening company established in 1917, is a family-owned business with a passion for precision knife sharpening services, industrial knives, bindery supplies, paper folding supplies and paper cutter parts. Discover how Jorson & Carlson can improve your quality of cuts, yield your facility more uptime and reduce your knife maintenance costs.

JORSON & CARLSON is pleased to offer VITECH-TC, The ultimate in Tungsten Carbide cutting performance for guillotines & 3 Knife Trimmers. Kanefusa Corporation and IKS has teamed up with Jorson & Carlson as a dealer for the new VITECH-TC inlaid Tungsten Carbide knife line for guillotine and trimmer knives. Explore and discover Kanefusa's new technology in the absolute best in guillotine and trimmer knives. Click here for exciting information! 

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