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All paper drills can be coated with a wear resistant product. While Jorson & Carlson stock many of the popular paper drills with various coatings, coating a paper drill that is not in stock will take only a few short days to process.

Teflon coated paper drill

This is recommended for most paper drilling applications. It will add lubricity to the inside and outside of the paper drill shaft. This will inhibit chads from clogging that lead to breaking your drills. The Teflon coating eventually will wear off from the constant use rendering the drill ineffective and replacement drills will need to be purchased. This is a good and economical coating.

Titanium Coated Paper Drill

This is recommended for very abrasive paper and plastic products. Since the coating is harder and applied to the outside of the paper drill shaft, the inside metal of the drill wears away and acts as its been sharpened, thus leaving the harder coating intact.

Fluted paper drill

This is a special drill that has flutes inside the paper drill shaft. This style drill works well on coated papers and papers that tend to clog drills. The flutes crimp the chads so they will freely go through the shaft. This style drill is not available for all styles and diameters of paper drills. We do stock popular sizes for Challenge, Lawson, Nygren Dahly and Seybold paper drills.

Cut-away illustrates a view inside a fluted paper drill