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Our Service Centers

Jorson & Carlson Co was established in 1917 in Printers Row in downtown Chicago, opening our first facility at 707 S Dearborn Street. Here is our timeline:

  • 1973 - Jorson & Carlson moves to a larger facility on 626 S Clark Street in Chicago
  • 1985 - Our customers and new clients began relocating in the suburb of Elk Grove Village IL. We moved to be closer to our clients and would become the largest printing capital in the USA. We found our roots at 1291 Brummel Ave, Elk Grove Village IL.
  • 1998 - We opened a service center in Baxter MN serving the Minneapolis metro area and paper mill & paper converting industries
  • 1999 - We opened 2 service center in Nashville TN & Griffin GA introducing our company in the south
  • 2001 - We opened a service facility in Greenville WI further expanding our service and products into this area
  • 2001 - Our Elk Grove Village facility started to become small so we purchase adjacent buildings directly behind our HQ for added space thus combining all 3 buildings
  • 2003 - We have been experiencing an exponential growth for several years and just had to move to our current home at 1501 Pratt Blvd in Elk Grove Village IL.  
  • 2021 - Again, growth dictated we move to a new facility. August of 2021 we moved our corporate office to 1000 Greenleaf Avenue. Loved by our our employees and envied by all our competitors.

Click here to find a service center near you and click here to see our pickup and delivery coverage.


There is no difference in the way any that our service centers treat customers, provide service and precision grind knives. Our grinding process, GrindTech Edge Technology is simply awesome. And for reason.

For years, straight & circular knives have been sharpened on machine then hand honed to remove edge burrs. The process is the most important procedure for obtaining clean, distortion-free cuts. Sharp polished knives cut through fibers with less resistance. GRINDTECH EDGE technology is the result of team efforts through research & development of Jorson & Carlson Co., Inc., a world leader in industrial knives and knife sharpening. Knives are now ground and honed with micro-abrasives on custom machines built by Jorson & Carlson to achieve the ultimate burr-free consistent cutting edge.

Benefits of the GrindTech Edge Technology Process Include:

  • Most precise method in achieving optimum sharpness
  • Simultaneously grinds, deburrs, and polishes on one piece of equipment to ultimately produce a "smoother surface finish
  • Less friction cutting through paper fibers
  • Less dust and lint
  • Paper trimmers can cut higher lifts with less draw
  • Sheeter knives will set and seat easier
  • Slitter knives will cut cleaner with less slide pressure
  • Less down time changing knives
  • Reduction of knife purchases
  • Maintains a desired cut for a longer period of time
  • Produces a superior quality sheet of paper